Bamboo Beds & Furniture

As our society becomes more and more ecologically aware of our planet’s depleting resources it soon becomes clear that alternative forms of ecologically friendly resources must be considered when preparing to buy new furniture. One such resource is called Bamboo. In this article we’ll take a look at this renewable resource that offers both strength and an exotic look for a wide variety of furniture.

When we hear the word bamboo what often comes to mind are long bamboo stalks rising up out of Asian scenery and creating a scenic and relaxing landscape against a sunset landscape. Many believe bamboo to be a wood but it is in fact actually considered a grass. Bamboo grows in the form of stalks which harden over 5-7 years and can then be harvested and processed into a variety of products including boards for building. Because bamboo grows so quickly and can be replanted again provides it advantages over many species of wood which can take 50-60 years of growth and harvest. Besides providing materials for building bamboo also produces culms that shoot out of the base of the bamboo plant which can be harvested and eaten.

Bamboo boards are imported into many countries where they are then processed and made into a variety of products. Bamboo flooring has become quite popular as the bamboo is very strong and resilient to wear much like our domestic hardwoods and with its exotic look creates beautiful patterns across the flooring. Besides flooring bamboo has become very popular in furniture. Beds made from bamboo create an interesting blend of patterns and colors and offer a casual look that combined with clean lines creates function and beauty that can’t always be achieved with some wood products. Bamboo beds much like flooring and other bamboo products offer consumers a choice in a product with strength and durability that are sure to handle the day to day use that they’ll receive.

Bamboo offers an eco-friendly choice in furniture. Its fast growth rate which allows for harvesting every 5-7 years is a distinct advantage over woods that are harvested every 50 years. As a plant it produces food as well which can be harvested. Bamboo grows back quickly and can also be replanted quickly meaning that there is no clear cutting and the ecology of where it is harvested is quickly replenished. It has great strength making it the perfect choice for flooring, beds, furniture and many other uses. These facts make bamboo the perfect alternative to wood furniture and an excellent choice for today’s green conscious consumer.

When you’re out shopping for new wood beds, please keep in mind that there are alternatives available. Such as bamboo, which help to promote a healthy trend in furniture production as it relates to the renewable resources of our planet. Being green is not only a choice but can also be a positive way of life.